In 1973, Russell and Suzanne Linford started Linford of Alaska with three refrigerated trucks, a small grocery route to "mom and pop" stores, and blanket purchase agreements with the military. The office was originally located in the Downtown Anchorage home Russell and Sue shared with their five kids, and the inventory was stored on the trucks. From these origins and with dedication and hard work, the business grew through the 80's and 90's.

In 1993 Linford became one of the only Alaskan businesses to relocate into the railroad/port area by purchasing an ''abandoned'' 44,000 square foot warehouse and 3.2 acres of land. Unattended for many years, the property under Sue's direction received a major face lift. Junk and garbage was removed, exterior lighting relocated and restored, landscaping planted, paving added, interior freezers and coolers installed, office space renovated and once again, business grew!

Today, operating out of this new facility, Linford of Alaska is THE specialty food distributor in Anchorage. It boasts over $10 million in sales annually, about 2000 on site inventory food service and retail items, and over 2500 active customers ranging from hotels, restaurants, individuals, to espresso shops and bakeries. Linford employs 18 full time workers, the majority of whom were born, raised and/or educated in Alaska. Linford's takes a lot of pride in the minimal employee turnover, and the family-like atmosphere of the office.

Supreme service through its exceptional employees, and quality through its high standard of products has made Linford of Alaska a success for 47 years. Slow, steady growth has and continues to be the pattern for this Alaskan owned and operated business.

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