Ben Linford -- President

Sue's grandson, Ben, was named President of LOA in 2019. Born and raised in Anchorage, Ben attended West High School and went on to study economics at the University of Chicago. He has worked for major investment firms in Anchorage and Seattle, and has continued Sue's legacy as an active member of Rotary International. Ben brings enthusiasm and vision to the role of President, and hopes to continue the legacy of providing quality products and fantastic service to Alaskans, as Linford’s has done for 46 years. When he isn't at work Ben enjoys hanging with his three kids and singing in a rock band whenever he gets the chance!

Sue Linford -- Former Owner 

Sue brought to her position as CEO years of business background -accounting, insurance, management. She worked in the business when it began in 1973 and was its CEO from 1985 through 2017. She was an excellent leader and even now that she is gone her memory pushes us all to strive harder.

Michael Jones – Purchasing and Sales Manager

Mike joined Linford of Alaska in the fall of 2012, hailing from one of the best restaurants in Alaska – Glacier Brewhouse.  While there, he helped managed the operation for 17 years. We are fortunate to have him on our team as the purchasing manager.  He brings with him a vast culinary knowledge to Linford of Alaska. He applies his background and expertise to support LOA with ordering items that are necessary for running the businesses of our customers. Outside of work, Mike loves exploring the outdoors and capturing the beauty of Alaska through his photography.  

Cheyenne Morse – Purchasing Assistant 

Cheyenne joined the team permanently after spending the summer with us as an intern. She is a graduate of the University of Alaska where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Restaurant and Hospitality Management. She is working hard to learn the ins and outs of the purchasing world and she is excited to be part of such a great team. Though she and her husband have lived in many states, she considers Alaska to be her home.

Outside Sales Reps

Kris Luey  -- Sales Representative

Kris joined us at Linford’s in September 2014.  Born & raised in upstate NY his first job in high school was at a family owned deli.  In 1998 Kris decided to move to Alaska – and landed in Girdwood.  He began working at The Bake Shop and The Double Musky Inn – wearing many different hats in both places.  Sometimes the jobs would overlap as he helped the two family businesses operate smoothly.  In 2011, Kris decided it was time to take his family and move to the big city – Anchorage, stepping into sales via insurance.  After 2 years his love of the food Industry kept calling to him, so he chose to try mixing his sales with the food industry.  Lucky for Linford’s – he made a great choice!  Today Kris says his main goal at Linford’s is to provide superior customer service and bring value any way he can to his customers!  Kris is kept in check by staying busy with coaching his kids’ sports teams while enjoying his own game of softball.  He is also an avid skier and enjoys going back to his old stomping grounds of Girdwood – to play and eat!  You can reach Kris here at the office or on his cell 342-2169. 

Rory Sisti-Brown  -- Sales Representative


Rory Sisti-Brown has been with Linford since 2008. He is our newest sales representative! He previously worked as the assistant warehouse manager and lead on our Bypass mail orders. Rory is father of three “beautiful” children and married to “a woman way out of his league”. When he’s not attending an Aces game, he is aspiring to be a singer / songwriter.  Now if you ever have the opportunity to hear him – we his co-workers – suggest you RUN! You can reach Rory here at the office or on his cell 947-9209. 

Sales and Administration 

No business can exist without a strong in-side Sales & Administration department!  These ladies are here to support your business in many different ways!

Seng Her – Customer Sales & Service Rep 

Seng Her is our receptionist/front desk all round inside sales gal. Seng is the mother of six “beautiful” kids, three girls and three boys. She admits that there is never a dull moment in her life. Seng has been with Linford since 2010. She said that she loves her job! “Linford has taught me a lot; I’ve never worked for this type of industry. Coming into this job was a challenge for me, but I can say that I have done my best and love working for Linford”. That’s quite a testimonial, Seng. We’re lucky to have your smiling face greeting folks and the energy you put into the position.

Kim Lowry --  Accounting Manager

Kim has lived in Alaska off and on since ’91. She moved away for about 10 years and ultimately moved herself back up in December 2015.  It’s her home.  She became part of the Linford family in June ’18.  She enjoys working here. She has a daughter and a granddaughter that she travels to visit as much as she can on the Oregon Coast.  She enjoys the outdoors tremendously; be it hiking, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, She loves living in Alaska. She takes care of herself by eating healthy and working out, which she does 5 times a week. 


To speak with any employee in the office please call, 272-5050, or outside the Anchorage area, call toll free, 800-355-8905! Of course you are always welcome to e-mail us at accounting@linfordofalaska.com and someone will be in touch.

Our Warehouse Crew


Armindo Donis-Quevedo is known to us as “Miguel”. Miguel is in charge of running the warehouse and managing the deliveries. Miguel came to Alaska from his homeland, Guatamala and has been in Anchorage for 15 years. He met his wife while taking classes to learn English; they have two children, a boy and a girl. In 2006 Miguel came to work for Linford but after a year and a half he decided to try his hand at business ownership, an auto shop. Six years later, he returned to Linford and moved quickly into this supervisory role which suits his loyal, can do attitude. However, his main “pride and joy” still remains working on vehicles.


William has been with Linford since 2001. He hails from El Salvador, but enroute to Alaska, made his home in LA. William is the proud parent of four children, three girls and finally one boy, William Jr. William Sr. claims that Jr. is a terror, giving him heart-burn wandering off quite independently. He can usually be found in the toy department. William has many family relatives in the Anchorage area. When he is not spending time with family he is an avid body builder.


Coby Hoffman was born in Bethel but was raised mostly in Anchorage.  He joined Linford’s in the Spring of 2015.  He hangs out in the warehouse putting away freight and pulling orders.  Sometimes he’s out on the road making deliveries.  Coby looks forward to getting off early so he can catch a football or basketball game live!


Roderick Labuen (Rod) was born and raised in Palm Springs, California. He came to Alaska in 1998. Rod first came to Linford in 2005 and remained until 2007. After a brief time out, he returned in 2009 and is one of our valued, competent drivers. Rod is married to Karleen and they have three children. He is a “family guy”.

Jaime Sagastume was born and raised in Guatamala. Some call him “Eddy” in fact, he must prefer to be called “Eddy” as he refers to himself as “Eddy”…(news to me). Eddy has lived in Alaska for 12 years moving here with his sister and brothers. He graduated in 2003 from Bartlett High School. In February 2009, he joined his life in holy matrimony with his beautiful girlfriend of 5 years. A year later they welcomed their first baby boy named Joel and two year later their second boy named Josiah arrived. Ever since he was a baby, Eddy’s (aka Jaime) favorite sport has been soccer which he can play all day and all night given the chance. Other enjoyments include camping, biking, running and most of all spending time with his beautiful family. Eddy has been with Linford since May 2013 and says that he has loved it ever since.


Edwin Escalante has been with Linford’s for a couple years now.  He usually works in the warehouse but will assist with backing up our drivers – so you can occasionally catch him out on the road. He handles the Bypass orders and the Fax and Pulls. He is also from El Salvador and came to Alaska around 15 years ago by way of Los Angeles. He is married to Donna and they have two children.

Hector Marroquin had worked at Linford’s between 2002 and the spring of 2015.  At that time he decided that it was warmer in California and left us, but after almost a whole year he found that he missed us…  Okay – not quite, but, he has an adorable son that he really did miss and besides, his son LOVES to keep daddy up all night playing. Hector and his motorcycle are favorites with his son. He is originally from El Salvador.

 Timothy Pen is one of our warehouse & drivers.  He is currently taking care of our valley runs and then helps putting away freight in the warehouse..  He was born and raised in Stockton California and moved  up to Anchorage when he turned 18.  He has a very diverse nationality – Lao, Thai and Cambodian.  Tim said that his favorite food is anything delicious, I think with the mixed nationalities – the next potluck will be interesting!  When not working you will find Tim playing with his two handsome boys and will be teaching them to play his favorite hobbies of basketball and football. 

Luis Torres has returned to us and we are so happy that he is here. His hard work and upbeat attitude are a joy to have. He loves spending time with his family and is always quick with a smile.  

Joe Abraham is our newest employee. We are happy to have him as part of our team. He works hard every day pulling orders and making deliveries. If you see him out on his rounds besure to say hello!

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